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Do I Refuse

by Eric Radoux

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Addiction 04:18
Well before the day begins I sneak a taste A ripple on the tongue I'm in love with you tonight I've always sold that line with others Addiction A quick one Then long gone My body riding on a wave It washes me away Three hours before the sun comes up With whiskey breath and empty cup A new thirst sends you crashing Through the door I fall down on my knees and wait To take everything I can take And hours later I've gone too far again I've lost a friend My body riding on a wave It washes me away You're giving me signs And I don't know why Seven days inside a lie Ripped apart and open wide Let the love escape and die
Unleashed 04:27
I've been following the war I'm the heartbeat you hear beneath the floor You can tell us not to sting But you can't hide from our hive mentality When you force us from the square The invasion sends our message everywhere I'm no doctor, but I read the news Time is running out for you Now we've taken to the streets Your brutality will never make us leave Pepper in the eye turns the world blind to your side See if you can save yourself from us Idiot, you don't know you're dying Idiot, you don't know you're dying So tell me what's wrong Tell me what's wrong Don't tell me you don't know Idiot, you don't know you're dying Idiot, you don't know you're gone
Take 05:23
I'm alone again on a Friday night And I wonder how you've been So I call you close to a thousand times But I never let it ring I just want you to know I'm still alive Every day is a reminder Of a love we had before Scars on mangled fingertips From when you slammed them in the door I just want you to know I'm still alive Phone calls And pouring rain A scratched voice That screams my name A siren rings out From the fire engine you called A slow flame burning And I am falling Spread your legs and hold your ground I'll escape and never return You kiss my soul once more And I'll reach down and take control Alone again on a Friday night Wearing all my finest clothes And a woman glances up at me I'll be sure to take her home I just want you to know I'm still alive
Jennifer 05:23
Jennifer leaves my house on Saturday She gives me a kiss and tells me to wait for her Seventeen days away She's fading Jennifer loves to call me late at night Visine dreams My eyes are burning bright Every day longer than the last But I don't mind the wait 'Cause she's an angel And Heaven sent her I'm falling for her Jennifer's hair flows like the willow's leaves Catching the drift of any passing breeze I'd be surprised if she ever wept for me But I don't mind the pain She's an angel And Heaven sent her I'm falling for her I cannot catch sight of her That tornado unstoppable So much power inside a girl And no one is as beautiful to me I join the line that follows her Swept up with the multitudes So similar in our solitude Waiting for her Who will never choose our name We don't mind the wait 'Cause she's an angel Heaven sent her We've all fallen for her
Downstairs 04:00
You took me away And I found out I had nothing to say A silent hour On some living room floor In an old apartment We'd never been before But neither had we met before So it wasn't the most unusual thing You can help me tear my life apart Disintegration is my art Whiskey don't help my looks But it helps me to keep my books 'Cause I know where my money goes Alcohol, hair gel, and Macy's clothes I'd do it all again 'Cause I met you last Saturday And I really need a friend So I buckle my boots And take the stairs down To the Root Cellar Where the whiskey flows And the DJ resides Playing old Smiths 45s And I know that it's over now 'Cause I still sleep alone at night I'd do it all again 'Cause I met you in spite of me And I really need a friend


released December 24, 2011

all music and design by Eric Radoux except:

recorded by Colin Shay and Hank Powell
mixed and mastered in both stereo and 5.1 surround by Colin Shay
drums, percussion, and inspiration by Cameron Davis
bass by Colin Shay
clap choir by Eric Radoux, Cameron Davis, Hank Powell, Suli Stuelpnagel, and Will Dewees

art: "The Winter Knows What I Refuse to Show" by Drew Etienne, 2008




Eric Radoux Nashville, Tennessee

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer inspired by the patient, pulsing energies of the surrounding world.

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